The Mela.nin Éclat : Njeri Rutherford

The list of injustices pile up week after week in America, from the most severe cases of death in underprivileged and under resourced areas of the country, to the simplest of micro-aggressions plaguing our workplaces, universities, grocery lines, and restaurants, that circle around identity and race; two key components of society. For another week of The Mela.nin Éclat, we talk to Njeri Rutherford, a senior in the dance department at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC, about identity, and other themes surrounding black culture.

"Black music/art is always creating culture. Everything "popular" and "trendy" is the result of something that was created by black culture. Any imitations would be from something our own people did years ago in which case it's really paying homage, not imitating. Black music/art however is often imitated by other cultures, but never duplicated."